Thought Process Behind Home Inspections

Buying a house?

What inspections should you get? 

We advise our clients to view the decision to get inspections with a sound view of risk and a spoonful of common sense.  Let’s take the example of a termite inspection. When buying a 2-year-old condo, the risk of termite problems to a buyer is very low.  The foundation is required to have been treated at the time of pouring the concrete and the regime most likely pays for a termite bond and the individual owners are unlikely to be responsible for termite repairs in any event. Therefore, the risk is very low and the cost for the termite inspection is probably not warranted.  Conversely a 100-year-old home that’s made of all wood and maybe doesn’t show signs of the best maintenance habits would perhaps be much higher on the continuum of risk for termites.  Further, the absence of a regime to cover damages would put all the costs on the buyer and so therefore on the continuum of risk it is much more prudent to get an inspection. The same thought process should prevail with radon, well, septic, roof, HVAC, general home, and other inspections. As always, seek the advice of experienced professionals to help educate you so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.



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